The Voice Studio

Expert coaching op conservatorium nivo 


The Voice Studio provides a unique educational package for the amateur singer. Our expert team of teachers specialise in unlocking your unique voice, and overcoming vocal challenges. 

This year, the Voice Studio is working together for the first time with the Utrecht Alexander Technique Institute for Musicians. We are offering a lesson package that combines the Alexander Technique with your singing lessons. Our teaching team has more than 20 years experience teaching at conservatory level. We are now able to bring this expertise to you!

The Alexander Technique has, for more than 100 years, been known in musical and theatre circles as the method to combat vocal difficulties such as hoarseness, breathing problems, excessive tension and even stage fright.

The voice teachers are Persephone Abbott, soprano and Crissman Taylor, mezzo-soprano and Alexander Technique teacher (Utrecht Conservatory). The Alexander teachers are listed on this website.

You can try out our approach by participating in one of the open group classes every six weeks or so. Contact us at or come to one of our open forums:

Next Open Voice Forum:
An Open day at Zingenzo. A full day of activities, including Alexander voice workshops, masterclasses and choir performances. Read more at

Notes from Voice Studio participants:

"During the singing lessons I am challenged to look for ways to use my body and mind as one instrument. I learn to be aware of my body: how I stand, how I move and what the effect is on the sound of my voice, on the singing."
"During the group lessons you can see what the effects are of all the interventions by the teachers. That is very inspiring for me."
"When I first began my singing lessons to improve my hoarse speaking voice, I never thought that singing would give me such satisfaction. Warming up my voice through scales, applying yoga poses, juggling with a a ball, a stick...jumping, walking, discussing the meaning of the melody and text, how do I use my imagination... through touch [of the Alexander teacher] the correcting of my posture: everything is to be found in my singing lesson! And then it happens: everything falls into place and the sound flows. I am singing! And, yes, the hoarseness is gone."
"The Alexander Technique works well for me to help me activate the body better while singing. Without words you can feel how your posture and muscle tone effects the singing."*

*See more on the Alexander Technique elsewhere on this site.