Welcome to the website for Artist in Balance. The Artist in Balance Institute has focused on the health and well-being of performing artists for more than twenty years. Through a combination of education, ergonomics and technology, we strive to enable performing artists to improve their technique and playing comfort. Our teachers are professional musicians themselves as well as Alexander Technique teachers. They have also undergone extensive additional training in education and ergonomics at the Artist in Balance Institute.  We work with all instruments and voice, and all range of styles from classical to jazz to pop. Our curriculum is in use at the Utrecht Conservatorium in the Netherlands, and our private clients have come from many countries and from major orchestras.

The Artist in Balance Institute offers:

  • Consultations to improve playing technique and comfort
  • Ergonomic measuring and producing of custom equipment sets for violinists and violists
  • Lessons in the Alexander Technique for musicians
  • Workshops for teachers and performers
  • Curriculum development at the conservatory level
  • Online learning

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