Violinist in Balance at International Alexander Conference in Chicago

If you are attending the 11th International Alexander Technique Conference in Chicago in the first week of August, you will be able to attend the workshop on Violinist in Balance which will be given by Gilles Rullmann. Gilles will tell about how the ergonomic measuring combined with technology like 3D printing is being used to allow players to choose how their instrument will be supported without limiting movement or creating tension. The Alexander Technique is an integral part of the process, as it teaches musicians the skills they need to be able to re-discover the poise and freedom of movement that ill-fitting equipment may have caused over the years. We are excited to be part of this important conference!

Violinist in Balance Goes Digital

Building on years of research, measuring and handcrafting of chin rests and shoulder rests, we are now able to offer 3D printed chin rest models.

Working together with our technical partners Muziek en Ambacht and Nieks Fabriek, we have harnessed 3D technology and computer imaging technology. Our consultant works together with you to develop and refine your chin rest and collarbone set-up, by creating a progressive series of test models for you to take home and try.

·       Our new measuring equipment allows you to experience your custom designs during consultations. 

·       Take-home test-sets of chin rest and collarbone rest allow you to try out your unique custom design in real-life situations.

·       Coaching helps you to discover progressively new ways to play with greater ease, adjusting the equipment design as you go.

·       The final model chin rest can still be made of finely finished wood, or high resolution PLA.*

·       Our refund policy for returned chin rest test models makes this process of discovery affordable.

·       Infinite choices: Digital forming allows for infinite variations in all dimensions including height, tilt, position, and jaw contour.

·       Once your measurements are on our files, they can be accessed in future for further changes or replacement models!

 *PLA is a skin friendly biodegradable plastic that is used in medical procedures and in the food industry.

Violinist in Balance at ESTA International conference on May 23rd

Crissman Taylor of Violinist in Balance will be attending the European String Teachers International Conference on May 23rd (2015) from 9:00-17:00. You can find her at the Alexander Technique table, and you can stop by for a chat or advice. She will be exhibiting the new Basics chin rest series (60 different models!) and telling about the new technology of 3D printed chin rests, as well as showing the innovative Plateau collarbone rests. Violinist in Balance provides an infrastructure of equipment and training to support a healthier relationship between a musician and their instrument. New courses for violin and viola teachers, as well as Alexander teachers are being planned for the new season.