Frequently Asked Questions

How long does each stage take? How long does the whole process take?

Each stage requires a couple of consultations to complete the work needed. We like to give time for measuring, adjusting and learning to use the new equipment. We have noticed that the length of the whole process varies from person to person, based on their background and wishes. You can complete your first equipment test set within a two-day visit, which includes coaching in how to use the equipment. After trying out your test set, most players come back for adjustments and additional training.


I know how to play the violin, why do I need coaching? Can’t I just get equipment made?

Playing with ill-fitting equipment limits our vision and experience of the many choices that we can have with custom fitted equipment. It takes time to explore new options, and let go of old cramped playing habits.


Why do I need to be measured and coached to get a chin rest and collar bone rest?

Most players have been used to having few options in equipment. Designing custom equipment means that we work in 3 dimensions, taking in to account, height, tilt, position and contour of both chin rest and collar bone rest. We also take time to find the best instrument position for your build. In creating the designs, we get to know you and how you want to play. Our interactive measuring technique means that you are involved actively in all the equipment decisions, as you can try out the options during the measuring session. 


How long will it take me to get used to the equipment changes?

We discovered in our initial research and in our experiences with clients that getting used to a new improved playing position takes about two weeks. Unlearning cramped playing habits takes a bit longer, and both are helped greatly by taking private Alexander lessons during the whole consultation period. Tips and coaching in the consultations are geared to help you gain new insights and freedom in your playing.


Why don’t you have series of chin rests and shoulder rests that people can take home and try?

We believe that each player is unique. In order to provide the best equipment for the individual, we choose to concentrate on customised equipment. At the same time, we are currently developing series of chin rests and shoulder rests that could be used by teachers. These sets, combined with training workshops, could allow violin and viola teachers to provide their students with better playing comfort.