Alexander Technique at the Artist in Balance Institute

Alexander Technique has been part of the curriculum at the the Utrecht Conservatory since 1996. Our years of experience with musicians may be of use to you as well in making progress with your technique or playing comfort. Alexander Technique lessons for musicians are offered through the Artist in Balance Institute.

The Alexander Technique has been recognised as an important foundation for the professional skills of the performing artist. For this reason it is part of the curriculum at many conservatories, dance and theatre schools worldwide. We give private lessons to all interested musicians, professional and amateur. Our teachers are available for presentations and workshops. 


 The Alexander Technique helps the musician to develop skills of good coordination and poise that contribute to a healthy instrument or vocal technique. By complementing musical study with lessons in the Alexander Technique, the performer can learn to call forth the specific energy required for music making without creating unnecessary mental and muscular tension. Those learning to teach gain insights about themselves which help them to observe their students more clearly.

Lessons in the Alexander Technique can help you build up the knowledge and conditions in yourself to lead a healthier life as a professional performing and teaching artist.

If you are not studying at the Utrecht Conservatory, but would like to take lessons in the Alexander Technique, please contact us for options for lessons, workshops and consultations.

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For more information on the Alexander Technique worldwide see the following websites. If you wish to find a teacher in your area, you can follow the links to other countries at the STAT website below.