Violinist in Balance Consultations

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Education, Ergonomics and Technology

Using interactive measuring techniques, computer design, 3D printing, and hand and machine tooling, we work with you to make your custom chin rest and collarbone rest set, while progressively coaching you in re-training cramped playing habits. New technology allows us to create a series of test rests at a reasonable price, allowing the client to be involved at every stage in perfecting the design of the rests. At each stage, we provide you with the skills you need to accustom you to your new playing options, and to make informed equipment and playing decisions.

This process can be tailored to your needs, but generally follows these stages:

Stage one: Playing and equipment analyses & interactive measuring of chin rest and collar bone rest.

The standard first consultation package can take place on two consecutive days:

Day 1: 2,5 hour consultation in the morning: interview, playing analysis, measuring of custom chinrest.

In the afternoon we will be producing your chinrest, so we are ready for:

Day 2: 2hr consultation in the morning: mounting chinrest, measuring and making collarbone rest, playing advice.

So after the two days you go home with your first chinrest and collarbone rest, and skills to explore the new playing options that the fitted equipment provides.

Costs for this package:

2,5 hours + 2 hours =4,5 hours at €89,- = €400,50 for consultations
€25,- intake fee
€90,- chinrest
€82,50 collarbone rest

Total: €598,-

For students the hourly consultation rate is €79,-, so the total costs are €553,-.

For children the hourly rate is €69,-, so the total costs are €508,- 

For clients within the Netherlands the process can take place on non-consecutive days.

Stage two: Refine your equipment design and skills with the consultant.

With the custom equipment begins a process of unlearning playing habits and exploring your playing skills in new ways. Sometimes this involves making changes to the equipment, sometimes our expertise on playing habits helps you to develop further. Pricing of equipment check-ups and playing consultations are below. 

Stage three: You complete the design of your final equipment set.

Although the testing equipment is very solid and can be used for years without any issues there are several options to change your testing equipment to an even more polished version once you are completely satisfied with the fit. Pricing see below.


Alexander technique
It is strongly recommended that you take private Alexander Technique lessons before, during and after the consultation process. You can do this in your own area. See and use the search engine to find a teacher in your country or area, or ask us for a referral.

Equipment and Technical Design:

All test chin rest models are 3D printed in skin-friendly PLA plastic.

(For final chin rest you can choose wood or high-resolution PLA.)

All collarbone rests are made from rubber and a durable plastic centre.

Consultation and equipment costs:

Consultations:             €89 per hour.
Student rate:               €79 per hour.
Children rate:               €69 per hour.

Administration:            €25 intake administration fee is included in your first bill.

Test chinrest 1:           €90
Test chinrest 2:           €50
Final chinrest (PLA):   €90
Final chinrest (wood): €170

Collarbone test rest:    €82,50
Collarbone final rest:   €95 (€109 special model)


If you choose to have your rests sent by post, the costs will be added to your bill of €10 within the Netherlands, €15 within Europe and €25 further abroad.

See our Equipment page for more information