Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement Artist in Balance Institute

At the Artist in Balance Institute we find that the privacy of our clients, as well as interested parties, is of the utmost importance. This privacy statement describes how we work with your personal information.

If you have any questions about this statement, you can contact us at the Artist in Balance Institute. Our contact information is listed below: 

1. Contact information: Artist in Balance Institute

post address: Vogezen 7, 3524 VJ Utrecht, the Netherlands

2. Definitions

In this privacy statement, the following terms will be used as listed below:

-Data: All data that refers to a given client*

-Institute: the Artist in Balance Institute

-Client: an individual who is a client of the Institute, through receiving consultations, lessons, or equipment fittings, or attending workshops.

-Interested party: Person or persons who have shown an interest in our work.

-Processing: Edited versions, or the whole of the editing in relation to the data, whether automatically processed, or expressly culled or edited, such as gathering, notating, ordering, structuring, filing, updating or changing, by request, consulting, using, providing through a process of forwarding or in other ways making available, to align or combine, to protect, erase or destroy data.

*See in Dutch law - art.4 sub 1 AVG-law (Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming)

3. Applicability

The privacy statement is applicable in relation to all personal data that the Institute has access to among its clients or interested parties.

4. The Institute processes your personal data because you make use of our services and/or because you give this data to us yourself. If anyone chooses to not share personal data with us, then the Institute is not able to carry out the processing of this data.

The following personal data may be processed:

-first and last name

-gender (man/woman)

-birth date


-telephone number

-e-mail address

-bank account number

-information and measurements gathered during consultations, lessons and equipment fittings, including notes, photographs, short films, digital measurements of custom equipment, and specific measurements of the client her/himself. All are kept in the strictest confidence. See below.

5. Goal and basis for processing of personal data

The Institute processes your personal data on the basis of justifiable importance. Data is process for the following goals:

-Registration as client of the Institute

-Completion of payments

-Maintaining administrative records

-Sending of information about the Institute, including workshops, congress events and links

-To monitor the content and progress of the consultations, lessons and equipment measurements and fittings

-To contact the client or interested party in order to carry out the services of the Institute

- Sending of news updates about our services and changes and improvements to the services of the Institute

-To send equipment and tools to the client

-To monitor our work through sending of questionnaires

-To replace or alter custom equipment measured and/or made by our Institute for a client.

6. Sharing of Data with third parties

-The Institute maintains a policy of strictest confidence in relation to your personal data.

-The Institute lays a confidentiality obligation on all its co-workers and on external parties that the Institute hires in to support the work of the Institute.

-Data of clients or interested parties are not shared, without permission, with others.

-Personal data is only shared with third parties in the framework of carrying out the goals as laid out in the section above entitled “Goal and basis for processing of personal data.”

7. Storage period

The Institute saves personal data not longer than is necessary to realise the goals for which your data is collected. Often clients contact us after many years for replacement equipment, or refresher consultations, lessons or fitting sessions. For this reason, we file and store client equipment, consultation and lesson data for as long as the client deems necessary, or 35 years, whichever comes first. This period of 35 years is chosen to cover the average working life of the professional musician. If the client wishes us to keep the information for longer than 35 years, he or she can give written permission for us to do so.

In the framework of the fiscal accounting and administration duties (article 52 AWR) fiscal data is saved for a period of 7 years after completion of the last consultation, lesson or fitting session.

If the client wishes their data to be removed from our administration, all non-fiscal data can be removed on written request. This will mean that we will not have previous measurements of the client, should they wish to re-order or upgrade their equipment at a later date.

8. Rights

You have the right to look in to your personal data files, to correct or to remove information from them, or to remove them altogether. Besides this, you have the right to withdraw previous permission for processing of your data, or to make an objection against the procession of your data, and you have the right to obtain copies of your own data as processed by the Institute.

That means that you can send us a written request to transfer or send your personal data as processed by the Institute (in computer file or other form) to you, or a third party or organisation as named by you. This can be done via e-mail.

To be sure that the request for looking at or sending your file really comes from you and no one else, we ask you to send us a digital copy or image of your identity card or passport along with your request. In this copy, make sure you blacken your pass photo, the MRZ (machine readable zone, the area with numbers in the passport) and the passport number and BSN (social security number) to preserve your privacy. We will react as quickly as we can, within 4 weeks of your request.

9. Information security

The Institute takes all the appropriate technical and organisational steps that rationally can be taken to protect your personal data. If you feel that your personal data is not properly protected, or you have evidence of tampering, please contact us immediately.

10. Changes

The Institute can make changes to its privacy statement, for instance if the laws change.  In these cases, we will inform you through our website. 

11. Complaints

Even though we do all we can to protect your privacy, it may be that you are not satisfied with the way in which your data is processed. If you have a complaint along these lines you may speak to us directly. You can also submit a written complaint via e-mail.

You are at all moments also free to submit your complaint to the national supervisor (toezichthouder) the “Authoriteit Persoonsgegevens” in the Netherlands.