Violinist in Balance at ESTA International 29 August 2013

Violinist in Balance at Oundle School

Can you support your instrument without compromising freedom of movement? Ill-fitting equipment endangers comfort and playing technique and cramps neck and shoulders.
This presentation describes a three-year pilot study by Crissman Taylor (Violinist in Balance, Alexander Technique, Utrecht Conservatoire) and Angus Gibbon (Head of Strings, Oundle School), whose combined teams fitted Oundle School students and teachers with customized chin and collarbone rests. Combined with private Alexander Technique lessons to enhance awareness of balance and poise, the result was a better playing position for bowing and fingering, and healthy alignment of spinal column and limbs. Mr. Gibbon describes the resulting greater physical freedom and creativity in playing and release from discomfort and awkwardness. An Oundle School team supervised by Violinist in Balance continues this work using adjustable chin and collarbone rests currently under development.

You can take a closer look at our equipment and experience the ergonomic principles first hand at our follow-up workshop.