Artist in Balance visits Denmark

Crissman Taylor will be speaking at the Musicians' Health and Performance 2nd Conference in Odense, Denmark from June 10-12, 2015. She will be presenting a paper on the ergonomic application of Violinist in Balance, including the digitalisation of chin rest design and production through 3D technology.

Then, in Copenhagen, she will be giving a workshop for Alexander Teachers.

"Speaking without speaking…

singing without singing, playing without playing"

Teaching the core of the Alexander Technique to performing artists

A workshop for Alexander Technique teachers with Crissman Taylor, from Utrecht Conservatory

Copenhagen, Sunday, June 14th, 13:30-16:30

 This workshop centers on the core of the Alexander Technique and it origins in performance. Alexander taught himself to recite without his habitual pattern, a kind of “speaking without speaking.”

Exciting things can happen, also in music making, when this principle is applied. At the Utrecht Alexander Technique Institute for Musicians, we have been teaching the Alexander Technique in the curriculum to all students since 1996.  This workshop is a chance to share and experience some of the practical ways we have developed to link inhibition and direction to music making, to help instrumentalists and singer access and channel the true spark of the music.

 We will work together a bit with the voice and spoken text. If anyone wants to bring their instrument and a piece of music, you are welcome, but it is not required! A presentation of ergonomics and equipment development for musicians (especially violinists) follows in the second half of the workshop.

Center for Alexanderteknik, Sankt Knuds Gade 50, baghuset 1 sal., 1903 Frederiksberg Copenhagen